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lost in la la land

or shey shey's adventures in hollywoodland

22 May
Here I am.
who am I?
this is a really bad User info babble written at 2:42 PST, from the LA area in Southern CA. My name is Sheyne (think Shey as in "they" and ne as in enough)I work in reality TV, yes I work for the devil, and (at times) he pays me well. Right now I am an assistant editor on a successful ABC reality show ^_^ My big "dream" is to be a editor for film.. but I don't really see a path there right now... But I will become an editor at least for reality tv, I will make that happen.

I'm all sorts of into Gothic Lolita fashion and culture and community and blah blah blah.. maybe you've met me at a con or at a LA (maybe even SF bay area) meet up~
...and recently my fashion passion has become steampunk! i love the Victorian influences, and lets face it.. i look DANM good in brown :P

I'm kinda normal but mostly odd.. but probably not as odd as I'd like to think. I've lucky enough to have an awesome/amazing guy in my life! it is very sad that we live so far apart (400 miles isn't *too* far right?)

this journal if friends only, just 'cause I realized I was friends locking over 98% of my stuff so might as well officially declare it.

i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

layout base for my LJ was gotten for free from premade_ljs, Images are all scans from a random set of postcards I picked up in a store in japan. If anybody has any information about the artist and/or anyway I can credit them, please contact me, I would love to!

Layout for this community was made using a base from premade_ljs and illustrations by Maki of Angelic Pretty.