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lost in la la land
or shey shey's adventures in hollywoodland
Neku_Niku Buyer and Seller Feedback post 
30th-Mar-2020 11:37 pm
LA Weekly
offical egl_comm_sales feedback page

If you have bought from or sold to me could you please leave feedback here.

Here is an screen capture of my +19 feedback on the soon to be debunked EGL/EGA Databases

I also have feedback on ebay under VampRyoko*.
9th-Jun-2010 06:00 am (UTC) - +++
I bought a Meta skirt from Sheyne.
She was very comprehensive about waiting for the Echeque to clear and shipped it under 48 hours of it doing so. She kept me updated on every phase and upon shipping.

Item was in A1 condition, very carefully wrapped in two bags and the shipping envelope was even doubled to insure it would survive the trip from California to Québec, which it successfully did!

Thank you for an irreproachable transaction! I'm looking forward to doing business with you again! :)
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